Why does the server stop responding?

“DNS Server Not Responding” means that your browser was unable to establish a connection to the internet. Typically, DNS errors are caused by problems on the user end, whether that’s with a network or internet connection, misconfigured DNS settings, or an outdated browser.

Why can I not connect to the internet on my iPhone?

Make sure that Wi-Fi is on and you can see your network Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and make sure that Wi-Fi is on. Tap the name of your Wi-Fi network to join. A blue checkmark beside a network name means that you’re connected. If you see Auto Join Disabled under your Wi-Fi network name, tap it turn on Auto-Join.

How do I make my DNS server respond?

You can fix a “DNS Server Not Responding” error by resetting your internet connection and computer. If the error keeps appearing, you can also flush your DNS cache and change the DNS settings. DNS errors might also come up if your ISP is having an outage.

How do I fix the connection to the server on my iPad?

Power down your device and wait for it to turn off completely. After 10 seconds, turn it back on. 99% of the time this will resolve any internet connection issues. If your device notifies you of a pending iOS update upon restart, please allow the device to update ASAP.

Does resetting iPhone delete everything?

Resetting your iPhone basically erases all of your personal information from the phone. The factory settings will, however, be retained.

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