What is an HTTP error code?

HTTP error codes are not part of web pages; instead, they are responses from servers about how the request is handled. Not all HTTP status codes indicate errors. For example, some just communicate that a page has been moved, either permanently or temporarily.

How do I fix error 302?

You can follow these five steps to fix HTTP 302 errors on your website: Determine whether the redirects are appropriate or not by examining the URLs that are issuing the 302 redirects. Check your plugins to make sure any redirect settings are valid. Ensure that your WordPress URL settings are configured correctly.

What is the 409 response code?

HTTP 409 error status: The HTTP 409 status code (Conflict) indicates that the request could not be processed because of conflict in the request, such as the requested resource is not in the expected state, or the result of processing the request would create a conflict within the resource.

What is a 300 error?

The HTTP 300 Multiple Choices redirect status response code indicates that the request has more than one possible responses. The user-agent or the user should choose one of them. As there is no standardized way of choosing one of the responses, this response code is very rarely used.

What is an HTTP error status code?

That is an HTTP client error status code and there are a lot more of them. These status codes (also called response status codes) serve as a means of communication between the server and the internet browser and there are multiple code classes based on the type of information they are communicating.

What is a 429 error in http?

What is HTTP Error 429? HTTP Error 429 is an HTTP response status code that indicates the client application has surpassed its rate limit, or number of requests they can send in a given period of time. Typically, this code will not just tell the client to stop sending requests — it will also specify when they can send another request.

What does an HTTP response code 0 means a timeout?

An HTTP response code of 0 indicates that the AJAX request was cancelled. This can happen either from a timeout, XHR abortion or a firewall stomping on the request. A timeout is common, it means the request failed to execute within a specified time.

What is the HTTP response code for unauthorized?

Although the HTTP standard specifies “unauthorized”, semantically this response means “unauthenticated”. That is, the client must authenticate itself to get the requested response. This response code is reserved for future use.

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